We kick off each episode with a weekly confession, revealing personal happenings that ignite deep discussion and self-discovery. Then we report back on a new life adventure, after trying something we have never done before. Every adventure is just a reminder that anything is possible and life is worth living. We wrap up with our weekly obsessions, the songs we are loving that week. Tune in to our expeditions on the podcast each week, plus you can watch all the antics on our weekly vlogs at tooradchicks.com


Too Rad Chicks was born in a salon as Grace was giving Deanne a haircut. Everything grew from there.


Hello. I’m Grace I am a lover of observing human behaviors. Connecting with people is an all-time favorite activity especially when I get to do that through comedy. I like to see the world through a creative mind, constantly daydreaming of all time epicness and then sharing it with the world like it’s my reality. I’m bringing you with me! 



Hi, I’m Deanne Love. Full-time hula hooper, creative and movement activist. My job is to invite people to dance with me so that they remember who they truly are. When I’m not making videos or podcasting, I’m probably going on adventures, hanging out with Grace or seeking some kind of delicious pleasure. I am here to share it all with you.