Nice to meet you. Are you ready?

Welcome, welcome. So nice to bump into you here. Ready for some new adventures? We are taking you with us. Each week we pick a new life adventure to journey on then we report on the ups and downs, ins and outs. Who is to say what might happen.

In this first intro podcast, we quiz each other with some secret and curious questions to uncover the truth and allow you to get to know us a little better.

Grace asks Deanne:

How many tattoos do you have? What do they mean?

Where did the name DeanneLove come from?

Do you journal?

Deanne asks Grace:

You massage a lot of people’s heads do you ever get vibes? Love vibes? Do you ever get “I want to be your best friend” vibes? “Wanna get married” vibes? Or even “get the fuck away from me” vibes just from massaging someone’s head?

You are also an incredible stand up comic? Where does your courage come from?

Why did you call your dog Olive?
Can you describe her for us…

Where do you get all of your amazing shirts and socks? Got a fav?

How many instruments do you have? Do you have a fav? Any of them got a cool story?

If you had a month to yourself, no work/no distractions, what would you do?

Is there anything you are not good at? Will you marry me?


This podcast was born out of a desire to experience the fullness of life, open our hearts and minds even more and journey to new places hand in hand with each other and you.

Each week we will share a confession. Sometimes deep, often sweet, always entertaining. These confessions are a way of opening up parts of our selves and inspiring you to question, ponder and do the same. The sweetest thing is, we do not share these confessions with each other until recording time so all is revealed each week live and on air. We look forward to sharing our deepest, sweetest confessions with you. Could lead to anything.

Next, we report back on our adventure of the week. We share our concerns, excitement and the hilarity (or intensity) that was sparked.

We wrap up each episode with a very special gift; our weekly obsessions. We are always listening to music and swapping songs so our weekly obsessions are our two fav songs of the week. Add them to your playlist or check out the Too Rad Chicks playlist on Spotify.

We are so stoked to share and evolve together. Anything is possible.

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