Self-Pleasure, Dog Mum Guilt & San Pedro

Deanne confesses her out of body experiences through the practice of self-pleasure. When Grace asks if Deanne has ever answered her phone mid-devotional practice…Deanne confesses that Grace may have interrupted a session one day.

Grace confesses her waves of guilt as a dog Mum but comes to the conclusion that Olive is one very happy dog.
Find out what really happened when San Pedro had it’s way with the Too Rad Chicks.

Grace shares her theory about why the San Pedro did what it did to us.

“San Pedro (Echinopsis pachanoi) is a cactus native to the Andean slopes of Ecuador and Peru. It is the South American cousin to peyote, and most notably contains the psychoactive alkaloid known as mescaline.”

Lastly, tune into some epic weekly obsessions found on the Too Rad Chicks playlist

Find out why we are so nervous about the next adventure.