Hairy Legs, Emotional Cleaning & Crossing the Border

Grace confesses to feeling distant from our waxologist, Deanne distract herself with rage cleaning and crossing the border becomes the greatest weekly adventure. The weekly obsessions have been added to the Too Rad Chicks Playlist and they are fabulous, as always.

Man hating, $35 bread & sharing a stage

Yes, we have toilet paper. Yes, we are washing our hands. Yes, we are staying safe and hope you are too. Take care out there. Deanne confesses she is a feminist, but not an angry one. No man-hating here. And Grace buys a $35 loaf of bread because she is RICH! We share a stage […]

Terrible thoughts, quitting sugar & burlesque shows

too rad chicks

This week Deanne confesses to dealing with terrible thoughts; feeling into the difference between anxiety and intuition. Grace battles fungus. Is quitting sugar the answer? And Too Rad Chicks become audience members and go to a burlesque show for some inspo.

Coming out, love day & going to church

This week we have a huge confession. Big. Beautiful. Us. Grace and Deanne sitting in a tree. Find out who we love, how we love and what we love. We take you on an adventure to church and then share our weekly obsessions. Tune into all the Too Rad Chicks episodes on Spotify here Follow […]

Going Braless, Meat Free & 108 Love Letters

The final episode of Season 1. Grace confesses her free balling lifestyle and has embraced the comfort. Deanne confesses her vegan ways have gone sideways after decades of devotion. Too Rad Chicks take you on an adventure to do a love letter drop around the city. Grace’s dream adventure; 108 love letters were left in […]

Boring Conversations, Double Life & Mt Warning

Grace confesses she might be an asshole and Deanne confesses she is living a double life. Tune in to find out exactly why. We share the spiritual and physical journey of climbing Mt Warning to see the first sunlight of Australia. We drop our weekly confessions. Grace has so many tunes she is in love […]

Self-Pleasure, Dog Mum Guilt & San Pedro

Deanne confesses her out of body experiences through the practice of self-pleasure. When Grace asks if Deanne has ever answered her phone mid-devotional practice…Deanne confesses that Grace may have interrupted a session one day. Grace confesses her waves of guilt as a dog Mum but comes to the conclusion that Olive is one very happy […]

Pap Smears, Art Retreat & Sleeping on a Train

The original idea was to take acid and do art. For weeks we came up with a bunch a plans and ways to make this happen but when the acid man didn’t come through with the goods we had to find something trippy and out there to do. So we bought up a bunch of […]

ASMR, Anti-wrinkle & Nude Photoshoot

   Yes, we got naked. And we have the photos to prove it. Grace confesses that she is obsessed with ASMR and we share our best ASMR voices for you. Prepare to be soothed by our ASMR skills. Deanne confesses that she, for the first time at the age of 42 has invested in […]

Vagina names, nude drawings & erotic dance

Grace changes her daily routine and learns some lessons and Deanne asks what to call her vagina. Find out what happens when Grace draws nude bodies and Deanne takes her clothes off in an erotic dance class.